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The post where we talk about butts

You're just getting into cycling and have taken your new bike out for a ride on a nearby trail. You were having fun and feeling fit, so you spent a good hour exploring the trail and got home feeling incredible. Fast forward to the next day: your butt is super tender. It might even be tough to sit down. Did you do something wrong on yesterday's ride? Did you pull a muscle? If you're getting back into riding as an adult after a long break, having a cranky-caboose after your first long ride can be common.   Why is my butt so sore? Bike saddles are meant to support you at or around your ischial tuberosities, or sit bones. On your rump, you ...

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Bike Repair Kits

It's that time again! Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes the fair weather that riders of all ages and abilities love! It's going to be a strange cycling season, however. With the Covid-19 pandemic arguably in full swing, and many cycling events being postponed or flat-out cancelled, it's hard for new riders to connect with experienced groups and learn about how to pack for a longer day in the saddle. So what do you pack if you're planning to get into longer rides, or trail riding on rough terrain? Don't let the picture above fool you. You don't need to pack a full set of tools and the kitchen sink. Whether you're riding a fixie or ...

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Kentville Canada Cup thrills for 2nd year running!

If you were wondering why MTB trails around the province were vacant this weekend, we'll forgive you for not following the National MTB Circuit. For the second year running, riders from all over Nova Scotia (along with folks from New Brunswick, Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia and Maine) descended on the Gorge in Kentville to attend the final leg of the Canada Cup MTB points-series. The 2019 Kentville Canada Cup is a high-level XCO mountain biking competition that attracts riders from across Canada (as well as international competitors). Although the Gorge in Kentville offers many trails of varying skill, Canada Cup athletes can really hang-tough along the more difficult twisting tracks laced with tree-roots, stones, mud and --perhaps the most ...

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Quality Concrete deploys 360-degree cameras for increased road-user safety

Blind Spots: They're one of the most dangerous aspects of road-use for cyclists, pedestrians and even other motorists. Cyclists who are able to maintain high-speeds in normal traffic conditions often pass into and out of blind spots frequently.    With this in mind, Quality Concrete --a ready-mix operator servicing Atlantic Canada-- has taken proactive steps to ensure their drivers have an increased level of awareness of what's going on around their trucks. As they purchase new trucks to update their fleet, Quality Concrete is investing in the installation of cameras to the front, sides and back of their rigs, giving drivers a 360-degree view while they are on the road or the job site. Currently, 10 Quality concrete trucks have the ...

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BNS Receives support from Jimmie Pelletier Foundation

Bicycle Nova Scotia is happy to announce a contribution of $1,000.00 from La Traversee Jimmy Pelletier to support Paracycling in Nova Scotia. La Traversee Jimmie Pelletier is a Cross-Canada Tour lead by para-athlete Jimmy Pelletier to raise funds to support para-athleticim throughout Canada. On each stop, Mr Pelletier was able to both offer donations to organizations that support Canadians with physical or mental disabilities, and raise over $500,000.00 to continue to support athletes of all abilities. On hand to accept the donation was BNS VP of Gender, Equity and Inclusion, Darryl Osborne. Darryl has been hard at work increasing access to para-cycles by first launching a set of try-a-ride para-events at the Canada Games Centre in April, and hosting ...

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Cycling: the latest asset in urban development

With the number of cranes in our downtown core, it’s clear that Halifax is continuing to go vertical. As we increase population density on the peninsula, however, we need to look for ways to reduce congestion and minimize strain on parking availability on the peninsula. Recognizing this, developers have begun accommodating cyclists by providing safe, secure parking for tenants and access to bicycle repair and wash stations. In order to put a spotlight on larger developments that cater to cyclists, Bicycle Nova Scotia has launched its Bike Friendly Residence Certification as part of its Bike Friendly Certification Program. Bike Friendly Residence Certification is part of a free program that serves as a guide to building developers --teaching them what amenities ...

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