Incident Report Form

Incident Report Form

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This form is for data collection only

This form is for cyclists only.

The statistics from data collected will be shared, but your personal information will not be shared under any circumstances.

If you are in a collision, please visit this page for steps to take.

As cycling gains greater popularity in the province, there are more cars and bicycles sharing the road. In some cases, incidents can occur because either the cyclist or motorist doesn’t fully understand, or doesn’t respect, the rules of the road regarding Nova Scotia’s bicycling laws.

Many of these incidents do not get recorded or reported. Because of this, Nova Scotia does not have a complete view of what sort of incidents are taking place, where, or how often. This data is crucial to understand what is happening on the roads and to determine if changes might need to be made. Your information will help us compile a database to better inform us of what is happening on the roads, helpings us to better utilize our energies regarding policy and education.

The first steps you should take if an incident has occurred is to contact the local police as soon as possible. To be very clear, our role at Cycling Nova Scotia is not to enforce the rules of the road. We are also not able to provide any sort of legal advice; this should be done through an attorney of law. We provide this service to gather data to better understand what is happening on the roads. We are also here to provide support and guidance where possible.

If you would like to speak with someone at Cycling Nova Scotia, please contact us.

Please, follow the rules of the road and lead by example. If you don’t know them, here is a refresher.
Note: Your name and contact info will not be used in any context unless you explicitly give your permission.


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    If you would like to speak with someone at Bicycle Nova Scotia regarding your incident, please contact us at or call us at 902-425-5454 ext. 316




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