With warmer times upon us, now is a perfect time to begin setting your sights on new cycling opportunities. Whether you’re hoping to turn your winter’s new years resolution into a reality by making cycling part of your daily routine, looking for rides with the whole family, or just want to explore new terrain with your friends, these blogs will hopefully make the planning process that much easier. 

If you’re searching for ideas for routes that will take you and your friends on a ride this summer showcasing the spectacular coastlines of Nova Scotia, go take a peek at The 6 Best Rides for This Weekend’s Coastal Adventure. Here, you’ll have an array of routes across the province that emphasize mid-range rides all of which have nice little food/drink pitstops conveniently placed, perfect for a nice social coffee break or picnic spot. 

For those on the lookout for new ideas on where to take the family on a low-traffic and kid-friendly ride, head over to 6 Fun Kid-Friendly Rides for This Weekend’s Family Outing where you can gather some new ideas on rides that will bring the kids outdoors and enjoy the fresh summertime air. These routes have been picked to each include a little outdoor destination that can help in motivating the youngsters with an outdoor reward ranging from beaches, lighthouses, a playground, or even a waterfall!

Even gaining familiarity with commuting around the Halifax region, despite its many highs and lows can be developed through route suggestions compiled within The Best Routes in Halifax to Improve your Bicycle Commute. With this information, you can build your knowledge of how to use the HRM active transport infrastructure when making cycling part of your daily routine. 

The warm temperatures will call for an opportunity to quench your riding thirst. To get some ideas of rides around the province that will get you and your friends out in the sunshine while experiencing the wide array of Nova Scotia craft breweries, head over to The Best Brewery Rides to Improve Your Weekend

Above all, if you want to become familiar with planning for any type of trip regardless of your age, comfort, or ability level, How to Plan the Perfect Day by Bike in Nova Scotia is there for you. Offering planning tips and advice for rides ranging from a quick trip around town, a coffee or beverage break, or even a multi-day expedition, we’ve outlined the best ways to discover the myriad of trail offerings around the province.

No matter your background or experience level, cycling is for everyone. We hope that you find these suggestions useful in gaining motivation to get active, make the most out of our beautiful province, and spend this summer outdoors!


Calvin Cameron

I am a fourth year Environmental Science student at Dalhousie University. My passions are surfing, skiing, skateboarding and of course, cycling! It was been my pleasure to work for BNS this fall writing blog postings in efforts to outline Nova Scotia’s amazing trail infrastructure. I hope that this work will make it that much easier for cyclists of all backgrounds and abilities to find the route that gets them out and enjoying this beautiful province.


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