Bicycle Safety and Sharing the Road

By knowing the rules of the road and learning safe driving/riding skills, we can all share the road safely and respectfully. Cyclists and drivers are both responsible of being well informed, and following good practices that maintain a safe and comfortable environment for all road users.


Rules of the Road in Nova Scotia

In Nova Scotia, cyclists have the right to travel on all Nova Scotia roads, unless otherwise posted, and follow the same basic traffic rules as other vehicles. Cyclists are not permitted to ride on sidewalks, and must dismount when using marked pedestrian crosswalks.


When traveling in Nova Scotia remember:


The Helmet Law

It is the law that all cyclists where a helmet in Nova Scotia, regardless of age.


The 1 Metre Rule

Drivers must leave at least one metre (three feet) of space when passing a cyclist

One Metre Rule




These two basic resources will help cyclists and motorists understand their responsibilities of sharing the road and include important safety tips.


Bike Legislation


Nova Scotia Bicycle Safety Booklet


DalTRAC (Dalhousie University) Share the Road Resources


Cyclesmith FAQ page. Good resources for novice and beginner cyclists.

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