Racing Categories and Scoring

In order to race in NS you will require a UCI approved race license or you can buy 1, one-day license for the race. The one day license will cost $25 on top of the entry fee for the race. If you wish to get a race license after this event, the $25 fee can be applied as a credit toward your race license.

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Information for Road Racers: Ability-Based Categories and Point Series Policies

The Road Competition Committee has decided to modify the current ability based categories due to the growing number of riders.

This document replaces all former policies regarding its subject matter, and is in effect until its future revision.  Our aim is to provide all the information relevant to racers in one location, and to do so in a clear and precise manner. Please forward any suggestions and/or comments to the BNS President or the VP of Road.

Category A : roughly 3 hours in length; 90-110km; average speed of 36-38km/h

Comprised in equal parts of some of the most ambitious and some of the most fit riders in the province, the A category is where a rider belongs if they desire to push the limits of both their fitness and tactical savvy, as well as those of their fellow racer.  Although it is occasionally frequented by the province’s national-calibre athletes,  its “bread and butter” are experienced riders who are lining up for a good time fueled by competition with all, and spent competing with those nearby.

Category B/Female A : 2.5 hours in length; 70-90km; average speed of 33-37km/h

Category B/Female A is for experienced riders who are looking for competitive racing, but are not yet ready for the challenge of Category A.  As one of our largest categories, Category B/Female A is populated by those learning the ropes of road racing strategy and honing their pack riding skills, as well as those who may lack only the fitness to race A after a winter of real-world responsibilities and training schedules.  Females in this category race the same distance with the same start time as the men, but will receive separate prizing and points.

Category C/Female B : 2 hours in length; 50-70km; average speed of 30-33km/h

Category C/Female B is for riders who lack the fitness and skill to race in the B/Female A Category, but possess some experience with the dynamics of pack riding and are looking for a day of friendly competition.  Females in this category race the same distance with the same start time as the men, but will receive separate prizing and points.

Category D : 1 to 1.5h in length; 30-40km; average speed < 30km/h

Category D is for people who want to try road racing but have minimal experience.  The Road Committee wants to emphasize that this is a category open to men and women.

Youth Categories : Under-13, U-15, and U-17

Recognized with their own categories, younger riders often ride with the D or C Categories, or have their own packs depending on numbers and ability.  These categories are shorter events ranging from roughly 45 minutes to 2 hours in length.

Restrictions on Movement Between Categories

BNS does not enforce a formal system of mandatory progression through the categorical hierarchy.  As the ability-based system suggests, racers are free to race in whatever category they feel is most appropriate for their ability level.  However, it is expected that all racers will exhibit appropriate and realistic consideration for their fellow riders, and refrain from dominating transitional categories—in other words, any category save Category A.

The change to a “best of” series points calculation and a reduction in the distance travelled by the Category A are both hoped to encourage a movement of the faster Category B riders to Category A.

Calculation of Series Points

The series will be calculated on a best-5-of-7-results basis. (Subject to change, should the number of events).
Race results will be awarded points according to the following distribution:

  1. 100
  2. 85
  3. 75
  4. 60
  5. 55
  6. 50
  7. 45
  8. 40
  9. 35
  10. 30
  11. 10
  12. 9
  13. 8
  14. 7
  15. 6
  16. 5
  17. 4
  18. 3
  19. 2
  20. 1
  21. All finishers after 20th place will be awarded 1 point.


Participants who fail to finish will be rewarded no points.

Event Type and Points Awards

Points will be awarded for all BNS road events.
Points will be awarded to stage race results based on the overall general classification, according to the above scale.
Provincial championship events will also award points according to the above scale.
Team, or “two-up” time-trial events will award identical individual points to each team member based on the team result, according to the above scale.  Eg.: each member of a team placing 8th receives 40 points. Results for team time trials are based upon the time of the last team member to cross the finish line.

Prize Money

Organizers are encouraged to operate financially sustainable events, and BNS leaves the decision whether to offer prize money to their discretion.  However, in the interests of gender equity, should an organizer award prize money to the top placing men in the highest category, they must also make an equal award to the top placing women in the highest category.

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