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The difference between Cycling NS Insured clubs and Self-Insured Clubs

The number 1 difference between CNS Insured clubs and Self-Insured clubs has to do with liability coverage.

CNS Insured Clubs are covered by Cycling Nova Scotia’s liability policy for official club rides in case an accident were to occur during these events. As a result, all members of CNS Insured Club must also become members with Cycling Nova Scotia. The Club must also have a policy document with some minimum content in order to join as a CNS Insured Club. CNS assists Insured Clubs by handling the Registration Process and collecting and distributing club fees each quarter.

Self-Insured Clubs carry their own liability coverage and handle their own registration and payment.

Where CNS offers events, programming and advocacy throughout the province, Club Registration Dues help us to effectively plan events and advocate for better conditions for cycling throughout the province.

To learn more, visit the registration page here.

If you have any questions regarding the new insurance program or your club membership, please contact us.


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