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Recreational Club Insurance Option for 2023

Recreational/non-competitive clubs and cycling organizations may elect to become Associated Clubs with BNS for $110. Associated Clubs are not automatically added to the BNS Marsh Insurance Policy. Associated Clubs may elect to opt-in to the policy for a cost per member. (100% of the fee goes toward the insurance premium).


Pro-rated Prices for 2023

Jan – March: $25.00 per member

April – June: $18.75 per member

July – September: $12.50 per member

October – December: $6.25 per member


Associated Clubs wishing to opt-in to the BNS Marsh Insurance Policy are asked to contact Bicycle Nova Scotia.


Clubs wishing to participate in BNS sanctioned competitions must join as Affiliated Clubs. All Affiliate Club members must become General Members (see top of page) of Bicycle Nova Scotia.


To learn more, visit the registration page here.


If you have any questions regarding the new insurance program or your club membership, please contact us.


The new policy does not distinguish between affiliated and associated clubs or competitive and non-competitive activities. It covers all activities across the board and sport accident coverage is provided to everyone.

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