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Important note for 2021 Race/Technical Licence Members: Unless you need a UCI Licence for the 2021 season (ie, if you’re only racing in Nova Scotia for the 2021 season), consider registering as a Provincial Licence Holder. More details below.  

There is no discount for upgrading from a Provincial Licence to a UCI Race/Technical Licence. 


Racing/Technical License (UCI Licence)

Cost varies, based upon your age and type of racing: $45-$140

Choose this option for the benefits of General membership, plus the ability to race in provincially sanctioned races (road, MTB, downhill), as well as races in other provinces.  You can only participate if you have a race license or choose what is called a “One Event Membership”. This option is available if you are new to the racing scene, and are not sure if it’s for you or not. You have the chance to purchase an OEM for $25, which will provide the same coverage as a race license, but is only valid for that one event. If you decide that racing is your thing, then the purchase of a race license will allow you to participate in further events, without having to pay the $25 OEM fee each time.

Cost for a license is based upon your age. For youths under 15, it’s $45 for the 2020 calendar year. For adults it is $115 – $140, based upon your type of racing you do.

UCI Race/Technical Licence

Provincial Racing Licence

Cost based on age: $20 – $80. Youth licences are free.

Looking to stay in Nova Scotia this racing season? Pick up a Provincial Racing Licence. This licence allows you to race in events sanctioned by BNS and still offers the benefits of a general membership.


** Note: You will be taken to our a site called ZONE 4. If you need any help in the registration process, or if you have any questions, please contact us.

BNS Provincial Race Licence

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