HopOn in Nova Scotia

Bicycle Nova Scotia is psyched to team up with Cycling Canada to provide HopOn skills camps in Nova Scotia!

HopOn is a games-based cycling program that teaches school-aged kids across Canada the joy of cycling safely.

Modeled after Cycling BC’s existing iRide program, the HopOn national grassroots program aims to provide access to cycling across Canada.

Building on the A, B, C’s of cycling (Attention, Balance and Control) following National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) training for cycling, HopOn camps increase the riding skill and confidence of kids and youth up to age 16.

To simplify program delivery, BNS will be providing staff to interested schools and communities in HRM, along with skill-appropriate equipment. BNS is looking forward to getting more youth in Nova Scotia interested in being active for life!

HopOn programming is delivered in two settings:

Compact HopOn programming can be provided in school by HopOn Trained staff provided by Bicycle Nova Scotia.

HopOn sessions are great for grades 3-6, and will be delivered over three days during the week for up to 90 minutes per session. Sessions focus on basic cycling skills and bike maintenance.

Booking HopOn sessions can start as early as May 2021.

Register for School Programming

Community level HopOn programming can be provided to interested Affiliated or Associated Cycling Clubs in Nova Scotia. BNS can also provide trained staff to Municipal Active Living programs starting in July.

Community Level programming is tailored to young athletes between 6-16 years of age. Intermediate cycling skills are the focus for community programming –especially for teenage participants.

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The Links at Brunello are the new Home Base for BNS mountain biking activities in 2021! We’re thrilled to launch regular HopOn evening camps at the trail system at Brunello for children and youth aged 6-16.

The Links at Brunello’s trail system offers excellent technical features for a riders with a variety of abilities. HopOn camps will run from 5pm to 8pm, on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Register Today!

BNS HopOn Programming will be offered from May 10 to June 30, primarily in the school setting, and from July 1 to August 31 in the community.


If your school, club or community is interested in facilitated HopOn programming, register today using the links above. For further information on HopOn program delivery, please contact Jon Burgess, Provincial Cycling Coach for more details.

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