Helping Kids Learn to Ride


Helping Kids Learn to Ride

Getting children into cycling is one of the most important things we can do in order to create a stronger cycling culture in Nova Scotia. Kids who feel confident on their bikes are more likely to be active and to get out and explore. And young people that fall in love with cycling are more likely to continue using their bikes into their later life, contributing to a healthy lifestyle, a lesser impact on the environment, and a life long passion.


If you have a child that you think would benefit from some training, there are a number of resources available. Please have a look below to see if there is something to meet your needs. This list will be expanding in the coming months as we do more research and find more resources that are available around the province. If you know of any resources, please be in touch so we can add it to this page.


Don’t forget – the best way to get kids into biking is to have the parents actively involved. Get on your bike, shown ’em how it’s done, encourage them to come along!

Getting started:

1) If you are looking for opportunities to teach your child how to ride a bike, there are many online resources to tap into. The video we show here is a good place to start if you are wondering how to start teaching your child how to develop balance and get comfortable on a bike.

2) If you are looking for training, a good place to start is by contacting your local recreation director or department. Most towns will have somebody dedicated to recreational opportunities and they will be the best resources to find out about places to get training locally.

3) You can also contact your local bike shops. They are an incredible resource in terms of opportunities for training, rides, and resources.

Training – Not for Profits

Making Tracks: Making Tracks helps children and youth develop active transportation skill competency, confidence and safety, encouraging them to choose active transportation as a means to travel within their communities. 


CAN-BIKE: A Canada-wide safe cycling educational program. There are a series of courses offered from basic “learn to ride” to advanced multi-day courses. Contact Bob White:


Try a Ride (Halifax): Try-A-Ride is a free program for all ages that travels throughout the region of Halifax. They bring bikes, skateboards and scooters to teach people how to safely ride and maintain the equipment, as well as link residents to resources and other opportunities within their community.


HRM REC Centres

Training – Local Businesses

Mountain Biking

Trail Flow: TrailFlow Outdoor Adventures aims to offer the highest  quality outdoor recreational programming and facilities available within Atlantic Canada. Specializing in trail design and construction, mountain bike guiding, clinics, and event promotion we use our years of experience to bring our love of the outdoors to the masses.​


Ride EastBased in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Ride East provides Mountain Bike adventures and instruction in Eastern Canada. Ride East welcomes all riders regardless of age or ability. Whether you’re new to riding, are a seasoned veteran, or fall somewhere in between, we have a program for you.

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