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6 Fun Kid-Friendly Rides for This Weekend’s Family Outing 

If you’re looking for easy, low-traffic and nature packed bicycle pathways for an outing this weekend, look no further. We've put together a list of five routes across Nova Scotia that are specifically catered to those wanting to either fit in an afternoon ride or a day trip adventure with the kids with outdoor destinations ranging from beaches, lighthouses, and coastal hiking trails. Each of these routes can be easily customized to fit your family’s needs. As cell phone reception can be spotty in areas along these routes, we always suggest you download any route maps you’re planning to your mobile device from the links included at the bottom of each route description before your ride.  Shearwater Flyer and Salt Marsh ...

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The 6 Best Rides for this Weekend’s Coastal Adventure

If you’re searching for a bike ride this weekend for you and your cycling friends, look no further. We’ve put together a list of six routes specifically targeted for those looking for an adventure-based ride with beautiful pit stops that will both push your riding and offer great food and drink options to gather with friends along the way. These rides, ranging from ~35-70km, are great if you are looking to improve your fitness and develop endurance, while still offering you gorgeous views and coastal access. You’ll want to be prepared for these as there will be areas without access to cell phone service. Be sure to download your route, bring your repair kit and only ride along if you ...

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Where to Cycle in Nova Scotia

Hello to all!  My name is Calvin Cameron, a fourth year undergraduate Environmental Science and Sustainability student at Dalhousie University. I have alwayscarried a strong interest in cycling in all its forms. From growing up mountain biking back home in Maine, USA, to road biking for transport around Halifax, I have been inspired to spread ideas on how to make this option of transport known and accessible as a physically, mentally, economically, and environmentally beneficial activity.  This interest has led me to see where I can assist the wonderful work of Bicycle Nova Scotia. This past fall, I’ve been volunteering to help pull together information to showcase the wide range of riding possibilities Nova Scotia has to offer. Bicycle Nova Scotia ...

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Winter Cycling in Nova Scotia: Your Mind

In previous BNS blog posts, we covered the physical preparation needed for winter cycling, exploring how to dress and how to prepare your bike for winter roads. But there’s another hurdle stopping many fairweather cyclists from continuing through the winter: wrapping your head around what’s required.  Opting to cycle through the cold and foul weather does require some psychological preparation. No matter how well you dress or prepare your bike for occasionally nasty roads, if you’re not mentally prepared, you might run into some winter cycling difficulties. How to Prepare Your Mind for Winter Cycling Plan Your Route With the uniquely challenging conditions of winter riding, it’s important to plan ahead. Are there stretches of your ride that are more likely to be ...

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Winter Cycling in Nova Scotia: The Bike

In our last post about winter cycling, we tackled the essentials of how to dress when riding in cold weather. In this post, we’ll talk about how to prepare your bike for the unique road conditions of the Nova Scotia winter.  Remember: ensuring your own safety and the safety of all road users is important year-round. Winter cycling in Nova Scotia presents its own set of challenges, so it’s essential to remember to always follow the rules of the road. Need a safety refresher? Check out the Nova Scotia Bicycle Safety brochure (PDF). Bicycle Nova Scotia also offers insurance coverage for members, giving you peace of mind to know you’re covered in case of an accident.  How to Prepare Your Bike ...

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Winter Cycling in Nova Scotia: What to Wear

As the old cliché goes: if you don’t like the weather in Nova Scotia, just wait five minutes. The unpredictability of our weather keeps things interesting year-round, and of course winter is no exception. From nor’easter storms to unexpected snow, sleet, and rain, Nova Scotians get a little bit of everything from November through March (and beyond!). But that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to ride your bike all year. Riding your bike during the winter can provide huge boosts to your mental and physical well-being. While your friends and family may think you’re strange for insisting on riding in the freezing cold, it’s easy to continue cycling with the right preparation. With a little bit of planning, winter cycling ...

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