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Every Rider Counts!

Bicycle Nova Scotia has recently launched an initiative to better understand how many people are walking and cycling in Nova Scotia. This initiative aims to create a data collection guide that can be used by partners across the province to collect more detailed user data along different types of active travel infrastructure.    “There is a lot happening in Nova Scotia to build a culture of walking and cycling, however there is nothing being done to measure the success on a province-wide scale,” says Steve Bedard, Director of Operations for Bicycle Nova Scotia. “Bicycle Nova Scotia is looking for ways to improve access to data that can help us make informed decisions and monitor progress on getting more Nova Scotians moving.”   The ...

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Everything You Need to Know About Bike Bells

Cycling is having a moment. Even though it has been impossible to get new bikes in Nova Scotia, we have certainly seen an increase in cycling across the province. Bicycle Nova Scotia has heard from Yarmouth to Sydney that the trails are full of people. While we are lucky to have such amazing trails in the province, we aren’t used to the kind of traffic that we are seeing now, and that can raise some conflict between users. And the thing we hear about the most, is bells. Bicycles are an incredibly efficient, and quiet, transportation tool. It can be scary to have a bicycle appear suddenly beside you, sometimes feeling a lot closer than necessary whizzing past you on ...

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Where to Cycle in NS – Everything You Need to Know

With warmer times upon us, now is a perfect time to begin setting your sights on new cycling opportunities. Whether you’re hoping to turn your winter’s new years resolution into a reality by making cycling part of your daily routine, looking for rides with the whole family, or just want to explore new terrain with your friends, these blogs will hopefully make the planning process that much easier.  If you’re searching for ideas for routes that will take you and your friends on a ride this summer showcasing the spectacular coastlines of Nova Scotia, go take a peek at The 6 Best Rides for This Weekend’s Coastal Adventure. Here, you’ll have an array of routes across the province that emphasize ...

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The Best Brewery Rides to Improve Your Weekend

If you’re on the lookout for a top-notch ride where you and your friends can enjoy some beautiful scenery and end off with a refreshing Nova Scotian Beer or Cider, the routes we’ve gathered below will pair perfectly with this weekend’s excursion. With craft breweries popping up everywhere around the province, these options provide excellent ways to get out for an active afternoon while getting a taste of the amazing local offerings from regions all around Nova Scotia. Any of the breweries that are starred* means that they are certified from Bike Friendly Nova Scotia. This means that they are equipped with designated bike parking and staff inside that are familiar with nearby bike routes, can lend advice/help you with ...

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How to Plan the Perfect Day by Bike in Nova Scotia

  Going out for a day trip on your bike is one of the best ways to enjoy Nova Scotia’s one-of-a-kind landscape with your friends and family. But finding your perfect route can also be quite overwhelming. Knowing where to begin can take all sorts of different paths and I can certainly sympathize with not knowing the best way to access the depth of trails across Nova Scotia. Thankfully, there exists a great set of tools that I have found useful in navigating our province’s amazing current and increasing trail system. Whether you’re looking for an afternoon picnic ride, a full-day adventure, or even a quick commute, here are some ideas on how to find the route that's best for ...

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The Best Routes in Halifax to Improve your Bicycle Commute

Biking to work in Halifax isn’t perfect and depending on your comfort level, can be quite intimidating at times. But there is hope. These options around the city will help to give you a bit of separation from traffic and connect to your urban destination. If you’re yearning to break away from driving or riding the bus everyday, get more exercise, and save money by powering your own travel, the commuting rides we’ve collected below offer pleasant routes within the current grid that can ease you into making active transport part of your daily routine. We’ve highlighted  some of the best route options to connect the suburban areas of Halifax into the Regional Centre. If you want to get ...

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