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BNS Race Calendar

Pleased stay tuned for news about the 2021 Racing Season! Although more race organizers may be offering additional races throughout the province, the races that will be listed on this page are the only events registered with the 2021 BNS Points Series.

BNS will also be organizing non-point series rides in 2021 for you Gravel-lovers!

Covid-19 Update (Feb 2 2021)

We can’t express how eager we are to get racing in 2021! When we released out 2021 Race Calendar last year, we were optimistic that Nova Scotia would be at the forefront in Canada in regards to controlling the spread of Covid-19. How have things shaped up since this time?

Vaccines are slowly rolling out across the province, and cases throughout the province are reducing to nearly none. While we’d love to see our neighbours from NB and PEI on the starting line, controlling travel has been helpful in achieving the success Covid Management in the province. We’re hoping that, when it’s time to race, NB and PEI rides will be able to join us.

At the end of the day, we’re optimistic that we’ll be able to stick to our 2021 calendar, and can’t wait to see faces, both old and new, out at races once again!

For up to date information on the 2021 season, please see the Facebook group, Bicycle Nova Scotia Racing Scene. You can also follow our main BNS Facebook account.

For additional questions or comments, please contact us through

Registration Links

Grinduro 1: Coming Soon

Grinduro 2: Coming Soon

AMP Circuit Race: Coming Soon

Falmouth Flyer: Coming Soon

MTB TBD: Coming Soon

Riverport RR and ITT: Coming Soon

Victoria Secret MTB Race: Coming Soon

Kentville Race Weekend – Provincial Championships: Coming Soon

Keppoch Rise-and-Grind Weekend: Coming Soon

Swashbuckler MTB Race: Coming Soon

Kentville Canada Cup: Coming Soon

Turkey Classic RR and ITT: Coming Soon

NSCX Registration: Coming Soon

What license should I choose?

BNS offers both UCI Racing Licenses and Provincial Racing Licences. There is no discount if you carry a Provincial Licence and you want to upgrade to a UCI License.

Provincial Race Licenses allow you to race in BNS Sanctioned Events in Nova Scotia without having to pay a One Event Membership fee.

UCI Racing Licenses allow users to race in events held both within and outside of Nova Scotia.

Both licenses carry BNS’s Rider Insurance which covers our members in case of accident or injury. You will also receive a BNS Membership Card. BNS members can enjoy a discount at participating bike shops around the province when the BNS member card is shown while making a purchase.

For more information about racing in Nova Scotia, please contact

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