Note from VP of BMX

My name is Adam Berry and I have recently joined BNS as the VP of BMX. It’s an exciting time for BNS and I’m very happy to be part of it. BMX in Nova Scotia needs the support of the bicycle community at large. My experience is 100 percent freestyle BMX, I have never entered a race.

My personal infatuation with 20 inch wheels began in 2006, after snapping my third expensive mountain bike in half in the back woods of Truro’s Victoria Park. You could say I’m a little hard on gear. My new, smaller bike was overbuilt and under extreme tension. Rad. I became hooked on the feeling of pulling ever more technical maneuvers, it was the challenge I had been looking for. BMX soon became the guiding influence in my life, taking me across the country in search of new terrain and riding influences.

I attended NSCC and earned a Diploma in Recreation Leadership after high school, and have had some of the coolest jobs a guy could ask for. Physical Activity Coordinator, Aerial Rescue Guide, Mobile Skate Park Coordinator, and most recently as an Active Transportation Trainer with The Ecology Action Centre’s Making Tracks Program. I feel like my long history of pushing limits on my bike has given me the power to calculate risk very quickly, do my own maintenance, and enjoy life. I’m very proud to pass relevant and skills based safety training on to young Skateboarders and Bike Riders.

Along with my career in recreation, I have been committed to building the BMX scene in Nova Scotia. I have organized dozens of jams, contests, and video premieres; and still feel as though I owe BMX so much. BMX for me is a creative pursuit, from the tricks I do, to the photos and video I capture, to the events I organize.

I already have projects in mind for the upcoming season, and am excited to help communities create BMX opportunities and terrain.

Adam Berry

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