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Every Rider Counts!

Bicycle Nova Scotia has recently launched an initiative to better understand how many people are walking and cycling in Nova Scotia. This initiative aims to create a data collection guide that can be used by partners across the province to collect more detailed user data along different types of active travel infrastructure.    “There is a lot happening in Nova Scotia to build a culture of walking and cycling, however there is nothing being done to measure the success on a province-wide scale,” says Steve Bedard, Director of Operations for Bicycle Nova Scotia. “Bicycle Nova Scotia is looking for ways to improve access to data that can help us make informed decisions and monitor progress on getting more Nova Scotians moving.”   The ...

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BNS and the Province are Increasing Cycling in Nova Scotia

Last week, the Committee on Natural Resources and Economic Development had a special meeting on Active Transportation. At Bicycle Nova Scotia, we are so thrilled to see this kind of meeting taking place, with provincial staff from multiple departments highlighting to MLAs all the work that is happening in Nova Scotia. It is clear the Province recognizes that active transportation is good for our health, our environment, and our economy and they are our greatest allies in increasing cycling in Nova Scotia. Opening remarks by Deputy Minister Karen Gatien highlight the value of active transportation to the province, and the role that Bicycle Nova Scotia is playing to advance this work:  “The Province supports the vision of an integrated network of ...

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Everything You Need to Know About Bike Bells

Cycling is having a moment. Even though it has been impossible to get new bikes in Nova Scotia, we have certainly seen an increase in cycling across the province. Cycling Nova Scotia has heard from Yarmouth to Sydney that the trails are full of people. While we are lucky to have such amazing trails in the province, we aren’t used to the kind of traffic that we are seeing now, and that can raise some conflict between users. And the thing we hear about the most, is bells. Bicycles are an incredibly efficient, and quiet, transportation tool. It can be scary to have a bicycle appear suddenly beside you, sometimes feeling a lot closer than necessary whizzing past you on ...

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Where to Cycle in NS – Everything You Need to Know

With warmer times upon us, now is a perfect time to begin setting your sights on new cycling opportunities. Whether you’re hoping to turn your winter’s new years resolution into a reality by making cycling part of your daily routine, looking for rides with the whole family, or just want to explore new terrain with your friends, these blogs will hopefully make the planning process that much easier.  If you’re searching for ideas for routes that will take you and your friends on a ride this summer showcasing the spectacular coastlines of Nova Scotia, go take a peek at The 6 Best Rides for This Weekend’s Coastal Adventure. Here, you’ll have an array of routes across the province that emphasize ...

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BNS Official Statement – July 20, 2021

In April 2021, Ms. Ehrenhold-Poole corresponded with Bicycle Nova Scotia expressing her regret at online statements regarding cyclists made in 2018. We chose not to publicly release this because we do not support any political candidate or party nor did we formally accept an apology. We were deeply concerned about the online statements made in 2018 and raised our concern at that time. There is a significant amount of work to do in Nova Scotia to improve cycling infrastructure, safety, education and grow a greener and healthier economy - and we hope that all political parties and candidates will work towards this vision. Nova Scotia has committed to completing 3000km of the Blue Route and there are numerous municipal active ...

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Sustainable Development Goals Act

The Nova Scotia government has announced public consultations for the Sustainable Development Goals Act (SDGA), giving us a chance to make Active Transportation a priority through regulated targeted goals for which we can help hold the government accountable. Legislated goals are how Nova Scotia has reduced its GHG emissions and improved waste management. A similar process is needed to ensure continued investment in active transportation and improved cycling infrastructure.   Sustainable transportation supports Goal #11 - Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Many towns in Nova Scotia are the perfect size to facilitate walking and cycling for everyday journeys, however safe infrastructure generally is not a major priority. We are asking for ...

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