2016 Awards & Standings

Click on the links below for the Gravity and XC Points results

BNS Gravity Series Points, 2016

XC Points, 2016

Awards Winners 2016

Road Comp Results


Category A

1st Place – Jeff Muise

2nd Place – Lorenzo Caterini

3rd Place – David Havill

Category B

1st Place – Brad Rowter

2nd Place – Chris Hawkins

3rd Place – Timothy Shea

Category B Female

1st Place – Melissa Ross

2nd Place – Kimberly Hoffman

3rd Place – Janelle Price

Category C

1st Place – Oliver Hill

2nd Place – Jay Watson

3rd Place – Derrick Muise

Category C Female

1st Place – Angela Nimmo

Category D

1st Place – Chris MacLean

2nd Place – Chris Fleming

3rd Place – Derek Ozon

Category U19 Female

1st Place – Freya Ferguson

2nd Place – Maura Whitman

Category U17 Male

1st Place – Duncan Ferguson

2nd Place – Calvin Shen

3rd Place – Jacob Taljaard

Category U15 Male

1st Place – Ty Bradley

2nd Place – Darian Ozon

3rd Place – Luke Sullivan

Category U15 Female

1st Place – Madison Taljaard

MTB XC Results


Mens A (Elite)

1st: Brandon Curry

2nd: Jon Burgess

3rd: Terry Tomlin

Womens A (Elite)

1st: Kate Scallion

2nd: Carolyn Towell

3rd: Odette Comeau

Mens B (Expert)

1st: Dave Marshall

2nd: Colin Greig

3rd: Mark Craig

Womens B (Expert)

1st: Janelle Price

2nd: Nancy Munro

3rd: April Muirhead

Mens C (Sport)

1st: Barron Rygiel

2nd: Daniel Cook

3rd: Jeff Matthews

Womens C (Sport)

1st: Jillian Rockwell

Mens Masters (40+)

1st: Lonny Curry

2nd: Jeff Barry

3rd: Derek Ozon

U19 Mens (Junior Elite)

1st: Tim Shea

2nd: Thomas Baudoux

3rd: Will MacDonald

U19 Womens (Junior Elite)

1st: Anya Munro

2nd: Maura Whitman

U17 Boys

1st: Calum MacEachen

2nd: John VanLuxemborg

3rd: Duncan Ferguson

U17 Girls

1st: Madison Baudoux

U15 Boys

1st: Nolan Chisholm

2nd: Aidan Hahn

3rd: Ben Fraser

U15 Girls

1st: Biljana Belliveau

2nd: Kelsey Barry

3rd: Keeley Shipley

U13 Boys

1st: Noah Benvie

2nd: Tyler MacLean

3rd: Matthew Bishop

U13 Girls

1st: Natasha Hahn

2nd: Edith Mummery



Mens A (Elite)

1st: Dave Marshall

2nd: Ryan Lindh

3rd: Greg Barr

Womens A (Elite)

1st: lola doucet

2nd: Michelle Marcinkiewicz

3rd: Karen Lenehan

Mens B (Expert)

1st: Colin Greig

2nd: Shane Knight

3rd: Kyle Selfridge

Mens C (Sport)

1st: Glen Nightingale

U17 Boys

1st: Matthew Spicer

2nd: Duncan Ferguson

3rd: John VanLuxemborg

U15 Boys

1st: Max Cole

2nd: Jesse Cameron

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