Provincial Performance Team

Provincial Performance Team

Bicycle Nova Scotia is committed to providing guidance, skill development, leadership to ensure our athletes are prepared for competition. Members of this program will form the provincial performance cycling team and work closely with an NCCP Competition Development coach throughout the season. The goal of the program is to provide the province’s top developing athletes with the necessary support to help them achieve successes at national and international competitions; Canada Games and/or complete for National Team Selection. This program follows the LTAD model set out by Cycling Canada, and is part of Bicycle Nova Scotia’s High Performance Plan. Athletes are expected to progress through the Learn-to-Train and Train-to-Compete stages of the LTAD while participating in the program.

Selection to the team will require athletes to submit an application to the coach outlining their past achievements, future goals and commitment to cycling. The team will focus on those athletes that have made cycling their primary sport and who demonstrate development potential, and the desire to achieve compete at a higher level. This program is not intended to replace or substitute an athlete’s involvement with their local club, but further enhance their development and training opportunities.

Team Size: 4-8

Program Prerequisites

  • Road or XCO athlete
  • Ages 15-22 (for the current cycling season)
  • Previous competition experience of 2 years (minimum)
  • Attended at least 4+ races in previous season (Road or MTB)
  • Racing in the U17 expert or elite (MTB) or Cat A/B (Road)
  • Own proper equipment for primary discipline


  • Work with the Provincial Team Coach
  • Committed to yearly training plan
  • Participate in provincial calendar for selected discipline (minimum 75%)
  • Participate in National Championships for selected Discipline
  • Attend winter training camp
  • Attend bi-weekly team skill development training (Halifax based)
  • Attend/support monthly integrated sport science/ mini camps/project
  • Wear Team Nova Scotia clothing on provincial projects/ camps training sessions
  • Be a member and in good standing with Bicycle Nova Scotia
  • Assist with fundraising initiatives (Athlete and Parent)

Program Benefits

  • Season Goal setting and development plan
  • Yearly Training Plan/ Weekly personalized coaching
  • Quarterly fitness testing
  • Access to Canadian Sport Center Strength and Conditioning program
  • Bi-weekly skill and development training (in season)
  • Monthly Sport Science opportunities at Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic
  • Weekly coach contact
  • Access to financial support for provincial team competitions, projects and camps
  • First Aid training, and Community Let’s ride coaching certification

2019 Program Cost

10 Month program: $800 current season/ $80 per month

Training jersey ($110) + team wear

For more information about the provincial team and how to become involved please contact:

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