XCO 5: The Gorge – Kings County Festival, September 7, 2015

Name Representing Time
Category A Women
Odette Comeau Cyclesmith 1:23:54
Caroyln Towell Bike Monkey 1:26:35
Anya Munro Cyclesmith 1:27:42
Lisa McInnis Independent 1:34:00
lola doucett Trail Flow/Liv Giant 1:40:08
Category A Men
Brandon Curry Cycle Solutions 1:41:29
Martin Austin Oakley Atlantic 1:42:23
Rob Klue Cyclesmith 1:42:57
Jeff Simms Bike Monkey 1:43:08
Luc Comeau Cyclemith 1:44:27
Noah Patriquin Bike Monkey 1:46:51
Benjamin Hewins Banks Brigade 1:51:40
Christopher rice Oregans 1:53:27
Iain Myatt Cyclesmith 1:55:00
Keith Croucher Trailflow 2:10:12
Liam Whitman Bike Monkey DNF
Category B Women
Maura Whitman Bike Monkey 1:09:44
Nancy Munro Cyclesmith 1:17:40
Maddy West Cyclesmith 1:24:02
Janessa Rathgeber Bike Monkey 1:28:03
April Muirhead Cycle Solutions 1:34:27
Category B Men
Issac Benvie Bike Monkey 1:12:35
Dave Marshall Trailflow 1:13:35
Ben Cumming Bike Monkey 1:13:36
Randy Comeau Cyclesmith 1:17:56
Chad Smith Independent 1:18:19
Paul Machan Independent 1:21:29
Simon Myatt Cyclesmith 1:22:46
Jeff Sangster Cyclesmith 1:26:42
Greg Towndrow Lunenburg Bike Barn 1:32:53
Category C Men
Elijah Beliveau Bike Monkey 1:05:58
Andrew Parsons Pictou County 1:06:55
Craig Bezanson Independent 1:07:58
Rod MacKinnon Hub Cycle 1:08:40
Trenton Bates Bike Monkey 1:10:32
Daniel Cook Bicycles Plus 1:11:58
Lonny Curry Banks Brigade 1:12:17
Jeff Matthews Bike Monkey 1:13:26
Barron Rygiel Independent 1:16:41
Ed Hewins Banks Brigade 1:16:53
Derek Ozon Cyclesmith 1:25:55
Darrin Belliveau Bike Monkey 1:27:38
Patrick Vandermeaden Bike Monkey 1:27:51
Evan St. Cyr Independent DNF
U13 Male
Jesse Cameron Hub Cycle 30:13:00
Tyler Maclean Pictou County 30:50:00
Darrian Ozon Cyclesmith 31:40:00
Noah Benvie Bike Monkey 35:37:00
Aidan Bezanson Independent 57:57:00
Aidan Hahn Pictou County DNF
U 13 Female
Bijana Beliveau Bike Monkey 36:02:00
U15 Male
Calum MacEachern Sweet Ride 32:50:00
Jeremy Allen Cyclesmith 34:18:00
Nolan Chisholm Pictou County 36:30:00
Evan Shea Pictou County 41:23:00
Cody Matthews Bike Monkey 44:23:00
Max Cole Kings Edgehill 55:45:00
Linus Malherin Kings Edgehill 55:46:00
Evan West Cyclesmith 1:03:30
U17 Male
Timothy Shea Pictou County 56:10:00
Duncan Ferguson Kings Edgehill 1:08:27
Ben Sangster Cyclesmith 1:10:10
Peter Vandermeaden Bike Monkey 1:18:20
Devan Bates Bike Monkey DNF

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