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(Please note that memberships are not a 12-month membership, but are for the calendar year. This is to do with the system we use for signing up.)

General Member – Registration will open soon!

We recognize that our members want to get the most value for their dollar, so we have developed a graduated pricing system that reflects the time of year you sign up as a member. Our new insurance policy covers cyclists riding anywhere in Canada, at anytime, for any type of cycling. If you ride throughout the winter as a commuter, we highly recommend getting a full year membership. If you are a fair weather rider, you might consider starting your membership in April.

Prices for General Membership (Expire on Dec 31, 2018)

January 1:                 $40

April 1:                      $30

July 1:                        $20

October 1                 $10


  • Insurance that covers you while riding anywhere in Canada, at anytime, for any type of cycling
  • Allow you to join many of our BNS affiliated clubs (extra costs might be involved depending on club).
  • Part of a 1700 member (and growing!) provincial organization that promotes all thing cycling.
  • Participate in the development of cycling within Nova Scotia by having the option of participating in various sectors that BNS works in.
  • Keep in touch for news and happenings by receiving our monthly newsletters.
  • General members also have the option to get Pedal magazine at a reduced rate.
  • Vote at AGM and have your say.

General Member with a racing/technical license (cost varies, based upon your age and type of racing chosen $30-$125) – Registration will open soon!

Choose this option for the benefits of General membership, plus the ability to race in provincially sanctioned races (road, MTB, downhill). You can only participate if you have a race license or choose what is called a “One Event Membership”. This option is available if you are new to the racing scene, and are not sure if it’s for you or not. You have the chance to purchase an OEM for $25, which will provide the same coverage as a race license, but is only valid for that one event. So if you decide that racing is your thing, then the purchase of a race license will allow you to participate in further events, without having to pay the $25 OEM fee each time.

Cost for a license is based upon your age. For youths under 15, it’s $30 for the 2017 calendar year. For adults it is $100 – $125, based upon your type of racing you do.

Women on Wheels (W0W)  – Registration will open soon!

Please see the details for General Membership (above) regarding pro-rated pricing arrangements. All WoW members get the same insurance and benefits as the General Members.

** Note: You will be taken to our a site called ZONE 4. If you need any help in the registration process, or if you have any questions, please contact Allan Scott, the registrar.

Recreational Club Insurance Option for 2018 – Join Now!

Recreational/non-competitive clubs and cycling organizations may elect to become Associated Clubs with BNS for $110. Associated Clubs are not automatically added to the BNS Marsh Insurance Policy. Associated Clubs may elect to opt-in to the policy for a cost per member. (100% of the fee goes toward the insurance premium).

Purchased Between Jan 2018 & March 2018: $25.00 per member

Purchased Between April 2018 & June 2018: $18.75 per member

Purchased Between July 2018 & September 2018: $12.50 per member

Purchased Between October 2018 & December 2018: $6.25 per member

Associated Clubs wishing to opt-in to the BNS Marsh Insurance Policy are asked to contact Bicycle Nova Scotia.

Clubs wishing to participate in BNS sanctioned competitions must join as Affiliated Clubs. All Affiliate Club members must become General Members (see top of page) of Bicycle Nova Scotia.

To learn more, visit the registration page here. If you have any questions regarding the new insurance program, please contact our Organizational administrator Madeline Lawler (copied) or call 902-425-5450 ext. 316

Any questions regarding your club membership you can contact the registrar by email or phone/text 902-759-0183.

The new policy does not distinguish between affiliated and associated clubs or competitive and non-competitive activities. It covers all activities across the board and sport accident coverage is provided to everyone.

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