Critz of Fury, August 23, 2015

Placing First Name Last Name Club Time
Cat A + B
1 Shawn Marshall VeloLabRT 1:07:43
2 Zachary Steinman Oakley Atlantic Racing same time
3 Ian Broscoe Java blend same time
4 Shawn Noftall Pictou County Cycle 1:08:13
5 Shawn Carter Java Blend same time
6 Cliff Worden-Rogers Highland laps +1
7 Tim Shea Pictou County Cycle laps +2
8 Clint Snell Pictou County Cycle laps +2
9 Matthieu Fraser Higland Bike Club laps +4
DNF Ian Hinks O’Regan’s Subarun Cycling
DNF TJ Worden Rogers O’Regan’s Subarun Cycling
17- Zach Steinmann
242- Ian Brosco
Cat C 
Placing First Name Last Name Club Time
1 Ian Hinks O’Regan’s Subaru Cycling 49:09:00
2 Tim Shea Pictou County Cycle same time
3 TJ Worden Rogers O’Regan’s Subaru Cycling same time
4 Brad Rowter Independent same time
5 Oliver Hill Bicycles Plus same time
6 Nathanial Bowlby Independent same time
7 Martin Willett Highland Bike Shop same time
8 Allan Scott Pictou County Cycle same time
9 Robert Overmars Highland bike club Plus two laps
10 Jose Jota Pictou County Cycle Plus Three laps
329- TJ Worden Rogers
364-Nathanial Bowlby
Cat F-B
Placing First Name Last Name Club Time
1 Michelle Zunti Pictou County Cycle 49:12:00
Placing Cat D Last Name Club Time
1 Josue Duff Arevalo Independent 30:35:00
2 Cindy Fraser Pictou County Cycle 30:42:00
3 Jennifer Baudoux PC Cycle 30:42:00
4 Jack De Wilde Highland Bike Shop 30:42:00
5 Tom Makin Pictou County Cycle 31:47:00
6 Dawn Dawling Pictou County Cycle plus one lap

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