Randonneurs Nova Scotia Long Distance Cycling Club

Welcome to 2017! The Randonneurs Nova Scotia long-distance-cycling club is entering its fourteenth season this year.

“Randonneuring” is long-distance, non-competitive cycling. Riders push their limits to achieve long rides comfortably. The emphasis is on teamwork and efficiency – to arrive at one’s goal, not necessarily first or fastest, but with the most efficient use of one’s resources. Randonneurs can travel surprisingly long distances in a day, and have energy to spare!

The heart of the randonneuring club is the “brevet”, which is a distance challenge ride to be accomplished within a set period of time. The time limits are generous, assuming a minimum average speed of 15 km/hr, but the clock is always running whether you are riding or stopped, eating or sleeping. Brevet distances are in multiples of 100km; there are brevets of 200km, 300km, 400km, and 600km, as well as the ultimate challenges of the 1000km and 1200km brevets.

The 2017 Randonneurs Nova Scotia schedule has a full brevet series of 200 – 300 – 400 – 600 – 1000km for this year. We also have other rides called “populaires” which are of varying distances and destinations. You can find our schedule on our website under “Ride Schedule & Membership”. Club members will receive an email with information about the upcoming weekends’ ride on the Tuesday or Wednesday before.

We welcome new members on our rides – check out the ride schedule to see if the distance of the ride is within your comfort level! Looking forward to seeing you this year!

Find Us

  • Street: 5274 Russell Street
  • City: Halifax
  • Province: Nova Scotia
  • Phone: 902-455-2878
  • Email: markbeaver61@gmail.com

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