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Insurance waiver for BNS Club Members (also “One Event Insurance”)

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FAQs – Club Insurance Policies

Bicycle Nova Scotia (BNS) has a new insurance provider this year and this change has resulted in some questions from our associated and recreational clubs. Please find the answers to commonly asked questions below.

Who is covered under the new BNS insurance program?

Any member, employee or volunteer of Bicycle Nova Scotia or of a BNS Affiliated or Associated Club is covered. Coverage can be extended to non-members through “one day event” participants (also known as One Event Memberships). Members must sign the BNS waiver for all BNS sanctioned events.

Which activities does the insurance program cover?


The insurance program covers all sanctioned activities of BNS and its Affiliate and Associate Clubs, including sanctioned races, club rides, trail building activities, and events.

Affiliate and Associate Clubs must register with BNS all sanctioned club activities at the time of members and are responsible for submitting updates to the list of sanctioned club activities as required.

How much does the new insurance program cost Associate and Affiliate Clubs?

All clubs must pay the BNS Association/Affiliation fee of $110.00 for club members to qualify for coverage.

The insurance premium for Associated and Affiliated club members is an additional cost of $16.50 per member. BNS will invoice each club based on their registered membership total at the end of the year.

The insurance fee is a per person fee and therefore clubs will not be charged for members who have already paid the insurance premium as part of a valid membership to another club, or as part of a valid BNS general membership. New club members who already paid the insurance premium are responsible for declaring this information at the time of membership to avoid paying the fee.

I noticed that the per-member fee for Associate Clubs has increased from $10.00 to $16.50. Why has the fee been increased?

BNS previously had one policy covering competitive riders and a separate policy covering recreational riders. Questions were regularly arising in part because the coverage differed between the policies, there was policy overlap, and coverage gaps. To address this, BNS obtained expert advice on the existing policies with the recommendation that BNS go to the insurance market to secure a single policy with coverage better tailored to our needs and the needs of our clubs. Overall, the rationalization has achieved the BNS objectives and resulted in a modest cost reduction across the organization. Although the move from Oasis has resulted in a modest fee increase for Associate Clubs, coverage has improved substantially. Associate Club members now receive Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage (also referred to as Sport Accident coverage), which was not included in the former OASIS policy. This means Associate Club members will receive personal injury coverage when participating in sanctioned rides and events. The OASIS policy did not offer any personal injury coverage benefits.

We have club members who are also members of other BNS Affiliate and Associate Clubs. Will those members have to pay insurance premiums as part of each club membership or will they pay one all encompassing fee?

No. Members are only required to pay the insurance fee once. Clubs must report the number of members who have not paid the insurance premium as part of a valid membership to BNS or another BNS club. BNS will invoice Associate Clubs $16.50 for each member requiring insurance.

In the past, riders, whether they were prospective new members or visitors, could ride with the club for one ride without having to pay insurance and without nullifying our insurance policy. Will this still be the case? 


Yes. However, guests and trial members must sign a waiver for coverage to apply. ** See top of page on the left hand side to download waivers.

Some clubs host rides and events in partnership with other organizations that are not part of BNS. Often these events include a large number of non-member participation. In the case that our partner organization has insurance coverage for event, does it supersede the BNS coverage?


No. Events organized by non-BNS organizations are classified as unsanctioned events and are not covered under the Sutton policy. These events require a separate insurance policy.

We host a joint ride with another club. Are we only able to hold the joint ride if all that club’s members are also insured through Sutton?


Only sanctioned club rides are covered under the policy. If a club wishes to sanction a joint ride with a club that is not either an Affiliate or Associate club of BNS, a special sanctioning request should be made, after which BNS will work with our insurance broker to evaluate the insurance program implications on a case by case basis.

Is the policy null and void if one person on a club ride is not covered by existing membership?


As long as the ride leader has made a reasonable effort to implement BNS’s risk management procedures, coverage for the club and its members will not be voided. The ride leader is responsible for making all non-member participants aware that they required to sign the club waiver before a ride begins.


Does the new program cover riders participation in competitive and recreational events outside of Canada?


No. The current policy only covers activities throughout Canada.

Are there any process changes with the change to the policy with Sutton?


Yes. Clubs no longer have to send insurance forms to OASIS. Instead, the attached form, or any other form a Club would prefer to use, should be forwarded to BNS with the year’s listed events.


When does insurance take effect for Affiliate and Associated Clubs?

Insurance for all club members is in effect from the date the Club pays its Associated or Affiliate Fee to BNS.


Do Clubs have to use the BNS approved waiver?


No. The alternative is to submit the Club’s preferred waiver to BNS, which will be forwarded to Sutton for approval.

Are there any restrictions on securing rider insurance coverage?

Yes. The most notable is that the coverage under the Accidental Death and Dismemberment or Sport Accident policy is limited to those under 75 years of age.


Disclaimer:  The actual policy(ies), including any endorsements, determines coverage.  The policy contains terms, conditions, limitations, exclusions, and other provisions not referenced (or only briefly summarized here).

Contact: Please contact our Organizational Administrator, Madeline Lawler, at or (902) 425-5450, if you have any questions.

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